Event archive: Finance

Industry conference: business technologies, provided opportunities and explanation of implementation in context of a selected industry


Juris Kabakovs

Head of BiSMART

“Technologies that change our lives, future”

Vita Narnicka

State Revenue Service, Deputy Director

“Great data era”

Jānis Ozoliņš

Jedox, Partner

“The future of financial planning and analysis: digitization and artificial intelligence.”

Lauris Prikulis

Corporate Solutions, Leading ERP and Analytics Solutions Consultant

“Business intelligence support in decision making”

Terēze Labzova-Ceicāne

PwC, Senior Audit Manager

“The future of financial reports”

Kārlis Vītols

Head of Scandic Fusion

“Plan, measure and predict - financial analytics 2.0”

Kārlis Danēvičs

SEB, Member of the Board

“Financial technology and thinking change”


“Video interviews”

Vita Narnicka

“State Revenue Service”

Lauris Prikulis

“Corporate Solutions”

Edgars Kreits


Terēze Labzova-Ceicāne


Kārlis Vītols

“Scandic Fusion”



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