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Industry conference


Juris Kabakovs

Head of BiSMART

“Technology trends that will change the medical industry in the near future”

Juha Villanen

Garmin, Business Development Manager, Health B2B

“Digital health care in a connected ecosystem”

Dr. Violeta Fodina

Head of the Infertility Treatment and Reproductive Genetics clinic iVF Riga, Latvia

“Stem cell banking and reproductive genetics in Latvia – present and future”

Roberts Rezgalis

Director of RSU Center for Medical Education Technologies

“Interview: Latvia's Experience Story on Technology / Innovation Introduced in Medicine”

Juris Šmits

Corporate Solutions, IS Safety and Performance Group Manager

“Where to look for data security in medicine?”

Toms Mols

Intelligent Infrastructure Solutions Company FIMA

“Clean Room Solutions - Benefits and Challenges”

Risto Eerola

Cisco, Systems Engineer (Finalnd)

“Transforming healthcare with innovative IT and IoT solutions”

Juris Šteinbergs

GenEra, Director

“Genetics and DNA - the future of medicine”


“Partner video interviews”



Artūrs Kaulakāns


Juris Šmits

“Corporate Solutions”

Laura Geistarde - Šube




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