Event archive: SMART COUNTRY 2022



Juris Kabakovs

Head of BiSMART

“A smart country – united, smart and digital”

Jurijs Spiridonovs

RISEBA associate professor

“Public administration in Latvia and abroad”

Gatis Ozols

Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Deputy State Secretary on Digital Transformation issues

“Latvia on the way to a smart country. Achieved and intended”

Kārlis Vilciņš

LMT Deputy Head, Solution Sales Division

“Smart IT solutions and process digitization on the way to the title of Smart State”

Toms Stālmans

Tet Head of New Business Development

“The smart city ecosystem”

Anželika Čiļimova

CSC TELECOM Head of the state and local government sector

“Modern telephone system in a public institution”

Imants Felsbergs

Corporate Solutions group business development manager

“Electronicization of organizational learning processes: how does it manifest itself and how to implement it?”

Pāvels Šestakovs

Dahua Technology Business Development Manager for Baltics

“Practical applications of machine learning in public and private sector”

Zaiga Pūce

Director of the Society Integration Foundation Secretariat

“Modern public administration: a story of change management experience”

Igors Golubevs

Schneider Electric Latvija Member of the Board

“Electricity 4.0: Sustainability in buildings, cities and the country”

Toms Nāburgs

Latvian Wind Energy Association Member of the Board

“Opportunities and benefits of wind industry development in Latvia”


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